Our wines are available at the winery and at your local Hy-Vee stores as well as other locations.  If the store you shop at doesn't carry our wine.  Tell the wine manager you want it.  Then they will carry it.  They only carry what people want.

Midnight Run
A dry white wine with a smooth and rich finish.  It is crafted from Iowa-grown La Crosse grapes and should be served chilled.  Winemaker's preference is 50 degrees F.
Some Beach 

This off-dry white wine has a pure, crystalline essence with a hint of pineapple.  Fresh and vibrant, with focused acidity. Creamy and refined texture with a long mouth watering finish.  It is a blend of 100% Iowa grown La Crosse and Steuben grapes.  Suggested serving temperature is 50 to 55 degrees.

Fifty Shades of Grape

A tangy dry white wine with pear aromas, lip biting good, and a long pear finish. It is crafted from Iowa-grown Edelweiss grapes and should be served slightly chilled.  Winemaker's preference is 60 degrees F.   Sold Out until January or February 2017.

My Two Sisters  temporarily sold out

This wine offers everything white wine drinkers want.  Hints of apple on the nose, a foft front palate and a long lingering finish.  Not too dry and not too sweet, it's clean, fresh, and crisp, with a citrus tang.  Serve at 55F.

Kimball Creek

A crisp and refreshing semi-sweet white wine with hints of apple.  In fact, it smells and tastes like Granny Smith apples.  It is a blend of Iowa-grown La Crosse grapes and Iowa-grown Edelweiss grapes. Apple wine that is 100% apple free.  Serve chilled.  Winemaker's preference is 50 degrees F.

Simply Iowa  temporarily sold out

A semi-sweet white with honey tones, some sweetness and grapefruit flavor with crisp fruit acids.  Central Iowa La Crosse, grapes are used to craft this wine.  Serve at 55 degrees F.