Our Story

As with many people today, we were intrigued by the possibility of an "escape" from the 9 - 5 routine and decided to pursue a business that allowed us time to be together doing something that we both enjoyed. In 2003, we began planting grape vines, and we haven't looked back! Our Grape Escape had begun!

As our interest in growing grapes developed, we decided to take it a step farther and renew our interest in wine-making. In 2006, we ordered winery equipment, and that year, we produced 6000 gallons of wine using many of our own grapes and grapes from three other Iowa vineyards. Currently we have about 8 acres of grapes and have purchased grapes from about 35 other Iowa vineyards.  We are committed to using only Iowa grapes to craft our Iowa wines.

Right now we have a large gazebo where we do tastings  if the weather is nice.  If the weather does not cooperate, we taste right in our tank room where you can see where it all happens.  Our 10,000 gallons of tanks and our bottling line that bottles 35 bottles per minute are the highlights there.

As our business grows, we long to share our excitement and our wines with you and help facilitate some great escapes of your own!